Published September 5, 2019

New freshmen and old friends: Opening day at Community High School

The Communicator
Published May 31, 2019

I’m Happy That I...

The Communicator
Published May 10, 2019

Liberty Street Coffee Review

The Communicator
Published May 6, 2019

Divinity Roxx Visits CHS

The bassist in Beyoncé’s all female band, Divinity Roxx visits CHS to speak about her career and women in music

The Communicator
Published May 5, 2019

Paint-Along With Bob Ross

A joyful evening at the Ann Arbor downtown library. 

Meghana Tummala
Published May 5, 2019

Science, Arts and Letters Night 

Meghana Tummala
Published May 3, 2019

The Spork Lookbook

Five of the best-dressed sporks at Community High.

The Communicator
Published May 1, 2019

The struggle for black history visibility within the Ann Arbor Bubble

The Communicator
Published April 22, 2019

Boastful Toasts

Simple toast recipes you can make at home.

The Communicator
Published April 19, 2019

barcelona madrid sights and sounds

The Communicator
Published April 19, 2019

Local a cappella groups prepare for national finals in New York

Loey Jones-Perpich
Published April 17, 2019

A$AP Ferg Performs at SpringFest 2019

The Communicator
Published April 15, 2019

Livonia Robotics Competition: Creativity Breaks Through 

Community’s FRC 5708 Zebrotics team wins the Creativity Award.

The Communicator
Published April 5, 2019


Meghana Tummala
Published April 5, 2019

Death Race For Love

A look at Juice Wrld’s impressive Sophomore album

The Communicator
Published March 22, 2019

A Passion for Engineering: Zebrotics at the Lakeview Regional Competition

Community High School’s Robotics team competes in their first competition of the season.

Mori Ono
Published March 8, 2019

Gearing up for competition season

By Joseph Simon, photos by Mori Ono

The Communicator
Published February 27, 2019

Striking to save the schools

By Nicole Tooley, Photography by Nick Sargent

The Communicator
Published February 24, 2019

Seniors prepare for the upcoming Spork Game

Seniors and teachers discuss their preparations for the annual Spork Game and what the game means to them.

Gina Liu and Josh Martins-Caulfield
Published February 22, 2019

Nepal Adventures

A whole new experience

The Communicator
Published February 21, 2019

The case for vaccines

Meghana Tummala
Published February 18, 2019

Natural Remedies

Meghana Tummala
Published February 13, 2019

The Kids That Started it All

The true pioneers of Ann Arbor hockey were a group of boys that lived to play the game.

Ava Millman
Published February 8, 2019

The Arduous Life of Jim Klosky

Sixty-six years on this planet grew through times of struggle, love and resilience. Still hopeful, he shares his story.

The Communicator
Published February 7, 2019

The Color Yellow

Anna Dang on the film industry, Asian identity and life.

The Communicator
Published February 3, 2019

Taking a Chance

Sometimes, the only thing preventing you from experiencing something life-changing is you. The summer before my senior year I decided to take a chance, and it turned out to be pretty amazing.

The Communicator
Published January 20, 2019

Unity: This Year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly 

Hosted and organized by CHS’s Black Student Union (BSU), this year’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., had many new features and highlighted a special guest speaker.

Dan Gutenberg, Tai Tworek
Published January 17, 2019

Humans of Community ft. Piercings

Five CHS students share the stories behind their body art

The Communicator
Published January 17, 2019


A movie and book review.

Meghana Tummala
Published January 7, 2019

Poetry Night in Ann Arbor

A look into the teen poetry event, moment by moment. 

The Communicator
Published November 16, 2017

A Cause for Conspiracy: The JFK Files 

They don't reveal much about the assassination, but they do reveal a bit about Americans.

Ella Edelstein